Lockheed Martin

Project Direction
Satellite Campaign
Project Type
Branding Campaign, Student Work
27-inch iMac and an iPad Retina portrait displaying the campaign website. The slogan reads is your home the next aquatic habitat? and below it you can enter your zip code to find out.
Rebranding Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This is one of the three campaign directions.
iPad Retina displaying subpage of the campaign website. It states By 2033 your location will be underwater and shows a map of the presumed zip code that the user entered. Below is fictional copy about why that will happen.
Campaign Website
iPhone 5 portrait displaying three views of a fictional app that uses your current location and tells you how much damage from coastal erosion has occurred. The first view is 2013, the second is 2030 and the third is 2040. The location is set to San Francisco.
Fictional iOS 6 App

Project overview

This is one of three fictional brand awareness campaigns for the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This campaign focused on the satellite sector.


Geospatial intelligence tends to carry a negative connotation as being an invasion of privacy. This campaign focuses on how the GeoEye-2 satellite (manufactured by Lockheed Martin) is helping analysts understand the effects of coastal erosion. Empowered with data, urban planners can make informed decisions to ensure our city's future.

A brand awareness site allows a person to enter a zip code and see if that will be underwater or not. This helps to put perspective on the message and how it affects their life.