Lockheed Martin

Project Direction
Climate Campaign
Project Type
Branding Campaign, Student Work
iPad Retina displaying the campaign website in portrait orientation. The top portion features a fictional video embedded and below it states an introduction to the product.
Rebranding Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This is one of the three campaign directions.
iPhone 5s portrait displaying a view of a fictional iOS app. The view displays that the overall health of the farm is fair.
Prototype iPhone app for the Lockheed Martin WindOptimizer. Wind farmers can monitor their turbines and create alert notifications.
8.5 by 11 print magazine advertisement with the slogan now wind can punch a time card. The time card is prominently displayed and has handwriting on it as if wind were a person filling out the time card.
Print Advertisement to go in Recharge magazine.

Project overview

This is one of three fictional brand awareness campaigns for the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This campaign focused on the climate sector.


Utility-scale wind farmers are only generating 20-30% of their annual potential because wind energy is often intermittent and unpredictable. WindOptimizer provides wind farmers with actual, real-time data, thus increasing situational awareness to hone in on these lost-revenue opportunities.

Since wind turbines have to be scheduled, farmers have to rely on educated guesswork. With the Lockheed Martin WindOptimizer software, farmers are given the information they need to take control so that wind can work for them.