Lockheed Martin

Project Direction
Space Campaign
Project Type
Branding Campaign, Student Work
Two iPhone 5s, one in portrait and one in landscape, displaying a mobile-friendly website. The website has a slogan saying epic is inevitable and promotes viewing a live satellite launch.
Rebranding Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This is one of the three campaign directions.
iPad retina displaying the website in landscape mode. The website has a Skunk, smiling, wearing an astronaut helmet and with his arms crossed. Below is a fictional engineer wearing a astronaut helment and a quote by him.
The Skunk Works logo has been updated to help connect the division's culture to the audience.
Screenshot of an advertisement in Spotify that promotes a Lockheed live stream launch. The tagline says 8 days until takeoff and has a URL below it.
Spotify advertisement
Moleskine journal with a triangular decal badge with the word Space written across it prominently.
Decals from a print advertisement in Wired magazine to promote a live stream satellite launch.

Project overview

This is one of three fictional brand awareness campaigns for the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. This campaign focused on the space exploration sector.


With the advent of startups, such as Space-X, making a large impact on space exploration, Lockheed Martin Space Division needs to reassure its investors that they're still the leaders in the aerospace industry. By leveraging brand awareness of the Skunkworks mentality, they can convey a sense of nimble and creative talent.

Space-X has a reputation for unorthodox methodologies that deliver early and under-budget. Meanwhile, mega corporations are perceived to be delayed and bloated. The innovative approach employed by younger companies isn't anything new; it's actually the “Skunkworks” mentality that Lockheed Martin invented.