Giving to Engineering

Mizzou Engineering
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Responsive Web Design, Front-End Development

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Screenshot of site homepage in Safari browser. The site features a large slider image and is titled ways to give
Giving is a subsite that encourages Mizzou Engineering alumni to donate to the College.
Screenshot of site facilities page in Safari browser. Features a large illustration of Lafferre Hall and quick access to Donate links. Persuasive text to donate follows it below.
The design is still part of the family, but softer.
Detail shot of my sketch book and notes.
Wireframes, design matrices, personas and sketches.

Project overview

The goal of this site is to provide a seamless avenue for our alumni to learn more about donating amounts of any size to the College of Engineering.

Our technique

We decided to use nostalgia as a technique to invoke an overall sense of “bonding” with the College of Engineering, crafting an enjoyable experience that drives alumni to donate.

Since photographs become quickly dated, we decided that the best approach to visualization was an illustration. I served as art director and Charlie Triplett illustrated them.

Previously, Giving was a one-page template. Now, it's a child site of the main Engineering website.